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Wool Fleece Bed Underlays

The natural insulating properties and the resilience of pure wool fibres provide a perfect foundation to ensure a deep, refreshing sleep. Wool being a natural fibre, reacts to its environment and its unique structure allows it to absorb body moisture then evaporate it on contact with the air after you arise.
Our Bed Underlays are made using 100% pure wool, which is securely knitted into a flexible breathable polyester yarn backing, then coated to lock in the wool and to avoid slipping on the mattress. The 28mm pile Underlays are made in a very dense 900gm weight "Deep Slumber" and in a quality medium dense 500gm weight "Gentle Fleece". Both qualities come in a choice of fully fitted skirt or easy fit elastic strap options.
All NZ and USA sizes available, plus custom sizes made on request.

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Possum Cushion

Single sided to prevent slip, with zip opening. 35 or 40cm

Available in Natural Brown, Natural Grey and a range of dyed colours.

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Possum cushion

Hot Water Bottle Cover

Wool-pile or Possum a great way to snuggle up on cold nights. Simple elastic closure for easy removal.

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Hot Water bottle cushion



Baby Care Rug

Lambskin requires less cleaning than other fibres because wool has natural anti-static qualities which does not attract dust so stays cleaner longer. Baby care rugs can easily be machine washed and dried.

Baby care rugs are available in shorn or soft (longer fleece).

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baby care rug

Medical Rug

Perfect for those who through age, injury or ill health are compelled to spend long periods in bed.

Dense wool fibres and leather cushion insulate the body. Wool absorbs up to 33% of its weight in moisture without feeling damp and leather draws this away to create a zone of comfort and ease. Ideal for use in your favourite chair, on a plane or in bed. Any where comfort and relaxation is a priority.

Fleece ease medical tannage ensures soft wool fibres locked into a durable leather backing, this enables fleece ease to withstand repeated laundering and maintain pile density far longer than alternatives. Fleece ease can be machine washed and dried.

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Medical rug

Sheepskin Rugs

We stock a range of quality sheepskins and can make a range of rugs in different shapes and sizes.

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Rug sizes

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